The administration provides the system administrator with the maximum control over the system. Do you need to change a value in a drop down? A letter template does not meet the requirements anymore? Password defaults need to be changed? Or even the order of the menu items doesn’t meet your needs?

Those and many other tasks can be done easily, immediately, without downtimes and without manual intervention to the application code just by using the graphical user interface. With the corresponding user entitlements, you can change almost everything on your own. This is intensely proved resource saving. No planning, no coding, no test procedures, no down times.

This even means that you are able to talk directly to the database to revise records. Of course, it is ensured that sensitive data is protected from this procedure.

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By using the comfortable but still detailed user management e-loxx offers you the opportunity to add new users or to edit existing ones. This way you can easily and quickly assign new entitlements, change the user base settings or lock and release a user.

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You already have a human resource management system that is centrally maintained? Just use this one to manage your employees in e-loxx. Interfaces to other systems can be implemented easily with text files, workbooks or other methods.

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